General tips and facts for Clash of Clans, fast progress

General tips and facts:

1) During the attack, you can take 50% from Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors, 75% from Dark Elixir Drill, 4-6% from Dark Elixir Storage, and 10-20% from Gold Storage and Elixir Storage. If the Town Hall Level of the opposing player is lower than your level, you earn less resource percentage.

2) Barracks generate troops even during your attacks against other players, thus it makes sense to train troops before future attack.

3) If you have placed the warrior on the battlefield, he will disappear in the end of the battle even if he survives. The exception is the heroes (Barbarian King and Archer Queen).

4) You can use the Lightning Spell to get Dark Elixir from the enemy.

5) Survived troops from Clan Castle (during attack of the opponent against your village) come back to Clan Castle.

6) Other players will not be able to attack you while you are online.

7) The required experience to move to the next level: (the current level - 1) * 50, for example, let's calculate the required experience to move from Level 20 to Level 21: (20 - 1) * 50 = 950.

8) Don’t build 2 walls next to each other, because Wall Breakers can easily blow them up, in this case to blow up two walls they will be used in the same quantity as for one wall.

Tips for noobs:

1) In the beginning of the game you are given a shield use it as much as you can. Don’t enter Multiplayer game, because you can lose it.

2) Don’t upgrade Town Hall until you upgrade all buildings and troops, for example, base with Town Hall Level 9 and buildings of Level 3-5 looks at least ridiculous - and you will be attacked almost by the entire world.

3) Don't spend gems for acceleration or purchase of resources, it is better to raise money for another Builder.

4) There are tactics of rapid initial development - don’t upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors, despite the cheap price, to upgrade them it takes a lot of time. If resources will be taken from other players, and time of workers is used to improve defensive and military constructions - your development will be much faster.

5) If you want to develop quickly, Builders should work constantly - keep them awake.

6) Don’t attack immediately in Multiplayer game. Your goal is to take as many resources as possible from the enemy. Take your time and find a rich base preferably with empty storages, with full elixir collectors and gold mines, because it is the easiest way to take resources from the mines.